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At Man With Van Logistics Ltd, we specialize in providing shipping, import, export, edible-oils and freight delivery services to clients worldwide. Our team of experienced professionals ensure that you get the highest quality service every time. We are dedicated to providing the best solutions to our clients, no matter what the project may be.

Our commitment to excellence and customer service is second to none, and we strive to make your shipping and freight delivery experience as hassle-free as possible. With our fast and reliable service, you can trust that your items will be delivered safely and on time.

Fast, efficient, and honest business; Man With Van Logistics Ltd started trading in 2019. The business has become a reputable and well-known Freight, Logistics, Shipping and Customs Trader Intermediary Service. Every day we are managing projects with the skill and experience that our clients have come to expect.
At Man With Van Logistics Ltd customer service and client satisfaction is key on every business order, which is why we provide open communication channels throughout the duration of each project. This is backed up by guarantees including; business insurance with AVIVA, corporate membership(s), trusted third party freight- forwarders and supplier network, client compliance risk management checks with Credit Safe and Legal Contracts and Trader License. More info Compliance Privacy Terms page.

Unfortunately the pandemic hit in 2020 causing a crisis worldwide, including our industry. Like many other businesses, COVID devastated Trade, impacted all aspects of our business, especially Commercial Removals However, this was an opportunity to diversify to survive. The business adapted our services





Freight Forwarding, Customs Declarations for Import and Export, Sea Shipping Container facility, Incoterms, New Partnership(s) with Global with Food Suppliers in USA, Brazil and UK; Products available or sourced

Soybeans gmo/non-gmo / Icumsa-45 Sugar/ Corn/ Edible Oils Non- GMO Rapeseed AND Sunflower Oils


 Visit our Commodities page for more details, order process and payment terms

Man With Van Logistics Ltd, was already implementing new services to its capabilities, the pandemic simply accelerated this process. Today, the business is busier than ever in a competitive and volatile Global Trade Market, including domestically Post Brexit in the United Kingdom.
Man With Van Logistics Ltd condemns the invasion by Russia into Ukraine. Due to Sanctions imposed on Russia and Human Rights violations, we will NOT engage in business transactions with Russian Companies Suppliers or affiliates. 


About Us

Professionalism. Excellence. Affordable



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Welcome! Customs Practitioner for Goods Management Import Export  Worldwide Sea Shipping Food Commodities Exporter Freight  Bookings Commercial Trade Competitive Quotation - EORI  GB317175116000 

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