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The Russian government announced that an export quota of 1.5 million tonnes will be imposed on sunflower oil from 15th April to secure domestic supply and keep a lid on inflation. This temporary regulation, which is set to remain effective until the 31st of August 2022, comes alongside an export quota of 700,000 tonnes on sunflower meal, due for implementation from 15th April, and a ban on sunflower seed exports, effective since 1st April.

EU sunflower oil prices began to ease slightly in the last few weeks of March due to demand rationing, as several buyers were unwilling to pay the high prices. However, there has been a reversal in this downward trend due to expected tighter global supply, on the back of the Russian government announcement. Consequently, the Mintec Benchmark Prices (MBP) for EU sunflower oil was assessed at EUR 2,120/MT, up by 7.6% week-on-week (w-o-w) to 4th April.

The EU is the third-largest producer of sunflower oil after Russia and Ukraine, with approximately 20% of global production share. Nevertheless, the EU is also a net importer of sunflower oil, and is largely dependent on Ukrainian supply. Logistical disruptions from the Black Sea region continue to limit sunflower oil supply to the EU. EU sunflower oil prices are thus likely to stay elevated in the medium term on tighter global supply conditions.



ORIGIN:                                             BRAZIL/ UK / USA (SOME EXCEPTIONS)
MOQ:                                                 12,500Mt * PER MONTH
INCOTERMS:                                       CIF / FOB
SWIFT:                                               12 MONTHS CIF CONTRACT
BUYER:                                              TOP 50 BANK


Origin                                          Brazil

Icumsa                                        45 RBU

Polarization                                  99.80% Min

Ash content                                 0.04% Max

Moisture                                      0.04% Max

Solubility                                      100% Free Flowing

Radiation                                     Normal Certified

Colour                                         Sparkling White

Granulation                                  Fine




Icumsa                                       100 RBU

Polarization                                  99.50% min

Ash content                                 0.15% Max

Moisture                                      0.10% Max

Solubility                                     100% Free Flowing

Radiation                                     Normal Certified

Colour                                         White

Granulation                                  Fine

Yellow corn Grade No.2

Humidity:                                              maximum of 14%.

Broken grains and foreign materials:        max 3%.

Damaged grains:                                   max 3%.

Heat damaged grains:                            maximum 0.2%.

Aflatoxin should not exceed:                   10 max ppm.

Protein:                                                min 9%.

Harvest:                                               2019/2020/ 2021

Animal nutrition:                                    Appropriate

All kinds of molds:                                 Free

Sprouted grains:                                    Free

Insects (dead or alive):                          Free

Silica, sand:                                          Free

heavy metals):                                      Free

Smell of damage or mold:                      None

Soybean Non GMO #2
Quality:                                                 Standard Export 

Origin                                                    Brazil

Type:                                                     Non-Gmo Fit For Human Consumption

Moisture:                                               13.5% Maximum

Max Splits:                                             20%

Protein:                                                 35% Basis, 34% Minimum

Max Color:                                             2%

Oil Content:                                           18.5% Basis, 18.0% Minimum

Test Weight:                                          54 Pounds/Min/Bushel

Total Damaged Kernels:                          3% Max

Foreign Matter:                                      2% Max

Radiation:                                              Normal

Crop:                                                     2020 Or Current

Heat Damaged Kernels:                           0.50% Maximum

Rapeseed Oil / Sunflower Oil

Payment Term:                                       T/T Deposit Negotiable.

MOQ:                                                    1 X 40ft container.

Packaging Details:                                   As per buyers request OEM

Delivery Time:                                        7 Days

Delivery Port:                                         Upon buyers request.
Product Type:                                         Nut & Seed Oil

Processing Type:                                     Refined

Refined Type:                                         Hydrogenated Oil

Cultivation Type:                                     Organic

Packaging:                                          Bulk, Can (Tinned),DRUM, Gift Packing,Glass Bottle, Mason Jar, Plastic                                    Bottle, Vacuum Pack
Purity (%):                                            100

Grade:                                                   A

Volume (L):                                            5

Refined Canola Oil

Model Number:                                        Refined Canola Oil

High Quality 100% Refined Canola Oil:         Cooking Oil

Product name:                                        Rapeseed Oil

Canola Oil:                                             100% Refined

Rapeseed Oil:                                         100% Refined Rapeseed Cooking Oil

Keywords:                                              Canola Food Oil

Use:                                                       Cooking Food

Quality:                                                  100% Nature

Application:                                             Home Cooking



100% Pure Refined Edible Oil with varieties; Refined Sunflower Oil, Refined Corn Oil, Refined Canola Oil, Refined Soybeans, Refined Coconut oil, Vegetable Oil, Olive Oil
The product has its smell and taste, free from rancidity or any strange taste or smell. Oil is clear, free from foreign matter, free from any foreign oil or animal fats and fit for human consumption.

1. Type: Cooking Oil 
2.Processing Type: Refined 
3.Packaging: Plastic Bottle 
4.Use: Cooking 

Grade:                                                        Grade First 

Color:                                                         Light yellow 

Purity (%):                                                  100%
Cultivation Type:                                          Common 

Density:                                                      (25º /4º) 0, 9139/0, 9190

Refined Type:                                              Cold-pressed/winterized

Packaging: Plastic Bottle, Bulk, Can (Tinned), Drum, Flexi tank in transparent PET bottle: 1L, 2L, 3L, 4L and 5L (With Handle).
In jerry can: 5L, 10L, 20L, 25L and 220L.
In metal tin: 16L, 14kg (with or without carton), 15L /15 kg, 16 kg (with or without carton), 17L/17kg, 18L /18kg, 20L metal tin with bung hole (Round or Square)
In metal drum: 200L
In flexi tank: 20MT/20’FCL

Payment Terms:

Buyer 40% T/T deposit signed Proforma Invoice. 30% T/T against full shipping document.
Then balance of  30% T/T to be paid with confirmation of the arrival of goods at buyer’s destination port.


Contact Us
Customs Practitioner Director
Darren via email:
Business WhatsApp Cell: +44(0)7949 361 973
For more information



PAYMENT TERMS INFORMATION Dear potential buyer, the information in this document is Man With Van Logistics Ltd, business partnership with Seller in Brazil. This document confirms direct Seller Representative Brazil: (SOP) Standard Operating Procedure for business transactions. Please confirm acceptance (SOP). Buyer Letter of Intent (LOI) Send LOI Darren Nowak Business WhatsApp: +447949 361 973 For sending the SCO's (Corporate Offer), receiving LOI's (Letter of Intent) and ICPO's (Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order) of the buyers and for the adequacy of the buyer's proposal to the offer of the Seller (supplier), when possible. QUOTE LOI: (Paulo Soares) for SCO/ FCO Corporate Offer *Product??* *Destination??* *Contract type??* CIF or FOB *Contract duration* 12 Month or SPOT *Volume Metric Ton?? *TARGET Price* *Financial Instrument* IMPORTANT CONFIRM: *SBLC or DLC or ARDLC Irrevocable, Divisible and Transferable* *Issuing bank * *Need to be TOP 50?? *POF (Proof of funds) * *Observation: * MT799 (BCL or RWA) without blocking funds (no POF means no POP before operative instrument) some sellers accept MT199 or FIN199 *Payment Method?? *Observation checks * Only at origin port via *MT103* or MT700?? NOT at destination port! Commission standard total $5 USD per MT Seller, our side. Split $2.5USD with buyer side? If you have a different commission requirement contact Darren Nowak SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) 1. Buyer or Buyer's Mandatary, issue the LOI (Letter of Intent) identifying the Buyer 2. Seller's Mandatary, issues the SCO (Soft Corporate Offer), and an ICPO (Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order) template with all information that the ICPO must contain in order to be accepted and avoid alterations. 3. Buyer must issue, exclusively from their corporate email, directly to the corporate email of the Seller's Mandatary, the ICPO to Seller Compliance, with full banking details and with a copy of the buyer's passport who will sign the SPA. Note: In case ICPO is received by any other means, we will send the ICPO to Buyer’s corporate email for its confirmation of authenticity. 4. After successful due diligence of the ICPO, Man With Van Logistics Ltd will organise with Seller a video conference with the Buyer. 5. Seller will send SPA draft (Sales and Purchase Agreement) to buyer and FCO (Full Corporate Offer) if required by Buyer. 6. After mutual agreement, the Seller sends final SPA to Buyer to be signed by Buyer and returned to Seller alongside with signed FCO if the case. 7. Buyer will do POF (Proof of Funds) bank to bank (MT799) and send Draft of the Guarantee’s Instrument Financial (SBLC or ARDLC or DLC), from the bank in use (TOP50). 8. After validation of point 7, Seller will return SPA signed within 3 to 5 days after planning the delivery structure of the goods to Buyer´s email alongside with proforma invoice alongside with POP (Proof of Product) bank to bank. 9. Buyer issues Guarantee’s Instrument Financial (SBLC or ARDLC or DLC) Operative Transferable, Divisible and Irrevocable, from or confirmed by Top 50 Bank, in the value of one month shipment with the validity of 12 months and one day within 15 working days. 10. PB 2% will be issued 10 to 15 days after receiving Operative Instrument Financial. 11. Seller will start the procedures to send 1st shipment within 30 to 45 days. 12. Payments MT103 against Invoice + certification SGS report + BL (Bill of Lading) + insurance certificate (110%) at the Origin Port. 13. In the SPA, there is a penalty of non-performance of 5% applicable for buyer and seller of the total non-performed contract. 14. Product verification can happen at SGS inspection, when requested by buyer and with acceptance of seller. 15. There is no possibility whatsoever to visit the producer in any moment. Important Notes - Our Seller’s do not accept: 1. Payment at delivery port. 2. Visit at factory of where house in any conditions. 3. Spot lower than 200.000MT. 4. Trial without contract. 5. Trial in the contract - trial without bank guarantee face value on month contract. 6. Sending sample of product. 7. Issue FCO before ICPO. 8. Provide previous SGS reports. ---------------- END OF SOP ----------------

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